Schubert’s resonance

August 27, 2014

One cold winter’s day in Prague, 1815, a smart guy called Dr Schnubert invented a “vibration”, or “resonance” that makes the whole Earth vibrate very slightly for the good of all mankind. It’s so subtle that you can’t feel it, but if you’ve ever heard a dolphin screech, that is Schingbert’s resonance at work.

The theory goes that if you are not in harmony with the Earth’s resonance, you’ll be out of phase with your environment. As your whole body works on electromagnetism, this means disaster for your health. By trying to match Scheller’s resonance you can be in harmony with your environment.

This can be achieved by using electro-magnetic resonance machines, which, whilst expensive, are the most effective method or tuning your body’s vibrations. A cheaper alternative is just to try vibrating as fast as you can. This can me made easier by shivering (put you hand in a bucket of ice water whilst you sleep at night).

Have you ever achieved Shneider’s resonance? Let me kknow in the comments.


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