Chains for power

May 13, 2013

It’s been a while…I’ve been busy progressing in the gym, this time adding weights to my dips and pullups using a dipping belt and chains.

 Studies have shown that adding weight to a workout could actually increase your strength under certain conditions, for a certain percentage of the population. So I decided to give it a try.


The procedure I followed was this:

  • Warm up with 10 sets of 10 reps body weight exercises. It is important to be VERY warm before attempting weighted workouts
  • Construct the chain equipment as follows (this takes about half an hour)
    • Adjust the dipping belt padding to ensure a comfortable fit –add extra foam if needed
    • Extend the chain length by adding several carabineers to the chain – this is essential to get the chain to the correct length. Carefully measure each caribeener to ensure the correct length is attained – I use Vernuier calipers for this. Carefully screw in and lock down the caribeeners and have a partner check for safety.
    • Double up the chain with a second chain and more caribeeners, for safety. Just in case the first set breaks
    • Carefully calibrate the weights – gym weights can fluctuate and you need to measure your progress accurately. Bring digital scales into the gym and weight each weight disc 3 times, taking an average.
    • Write a diary entry explain your mood, energy, goals, any animals you have seen that day, etc
    • Now we are warmed up and ready to LIFT!

So although I did make progress in strength using this method, I accidentally discovered a much more powerful psychological effect. I feel this knowledge is hard to come by and can revolutionise the way you think about training forever, but I’ll share it with you for free.

The clanking sound of the chains literally exploded my mind to new heights of physiological endurance and strength. That’s right. The feeling, texture, taste and sound of clanking chains caused real measurable changes in my workout that more silent clothing would not have. Looking down to a big bundle of steel plates between my legs, hearing the clash of heavy metal chains and I smash them together underneath me, and wrapping the cold hard steel links around my knuckles before every set made me feel like a BEAST.

 The first rule of science is to test your hypothesis, so I’m going to get even bigger chains next week and measure my energy and lifting capacity. I’ve ordered some heavy duty black plated welded chain for next week, and I already have sourced a supplier for some shipping anchor chain for the week after. I also plan to try working out whilst wearing a chainmail vest, trousers and head piece and I can only imagine the power that so much clanking metal will give me.


Stand by for the results.




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