Train Half your body, save twice the time, get 5 times the results

April 10, 2012

There are lots of things I read but don’t believe, and recently I was shocked to discover that one of these is actually true; the phenomenon of half body training.

Studies have shown that training just half of your body has a cross-over effect, resulting in almost equal strength gains in the other half. The implications of this are huge, since you can save time in the gym by doing just 1 armed bicep curls.

Also, I imagine that if you trained both sides of your body together you would get literally infinitely better results, since the left side would have a cross over effect on the right side, which would cause a strength gain in the left side, which would improve the right side. And so on. This echoing of strength gains could cause phenomenal increases in strength.

I’m not sure what would happen to someone who only had 1 arm or leg to begin with…maybe they would get a phantom massive leg (the human branium is unable to distinguish reality from perception, hence it is possible to think you have 1 massive leg, when you really do not). Even if they really did have 1 massive leg, that would be great, and much more desirable to having 1 tiny leg.

Even now, I am only typing with 1 finger, which although taking twice the time, is undoubtedly causing massive strength gains in my opposite finger.

So, phantom massive leg syndrome aside, 1-sided training, or ‘unicornical’ training to give it its scientific name, has the potential to revolutionise workouts forever. I predict that soon gyms will be half the size, offering specially adapted 1-sided weights and machines….even drive through gyms could prosper as the ability to work out 1 arm through the drivers window of a car would carry effects over to the other arm.

I’ll spend this week testing different protocols, such as taping one of my eyes shut to improve performance in the other eye.


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