Simplicity is the best thing in the WORLD

September 22, 2010

Over the years I have tried many different workout regimes, most based on scientific research, but several based on web forums, rumours and just pure experimentation. One common driving factor is to try to achieve as MUCH as possible; MORE sets, MORE weight, MORE variety. Whilst an apparently worthy goal on the surface, I have come to realise that sometimes less is more. To take it 1 step further, nothing is everything.

I simplified my workout to hone in on the skills that matter most and focus 100% of my attention on them; cutting down from doing 37 exercises to just 4. I have cut my workouts down from several hours to just half an hour.

Still not enough.

I am trying to achieve the no-technique perfection. The simplest form of exercise, where no exercise actually occurs. This is fairly difficult to do in practice and I have spent many hours trying to get to the point where I am doing no exercise without success, but I am getting closer.

By training very hard and with deep focus and great concentration it is possible to achieve the art of exercising without exercising. This ultimate expression of simplicity allows one to focus all of ones effort into a single point rather than spreading it thin. It is difficult for beginners to understand that doing nothing can improve health fitness and strength, but it is true.

Think about it scientifically, if you spend 5 hours working out, with 5 sets of 5 reps on 5 exercises in each workout, that is 5 hours of effort divided by (5x5x5) = 0.04 units of effort per exercise. If you do no exercise that is 0 divided by 0 = infinity!

So apart from getting more rest, having a clearer and more focussed mind you also get infinitely more exercise by doing no exercise! I am so pumped by this idea that I think my brain is actually shaping my body just by thinking about it. I got up this morning and realised I had lost 4 pounds of fat already, and my weight lifting ability has probably gone through the roof. Of course I will never actually find out my strength increase because I’m not lifting any weights…

but that’s the beauty of it!


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