None legged squats

January 11, 2010

I have been quiet for the past couple of months because I have been doing 1 legged squats. I plotted a graph of my exercises versus gains, and to my surprise, found that 1 legged squats gave me a lot more gains than ordinary squats;

Using half the legs gave twice the results!

Therefore, logically, using no legs would give a whopping 400% gain. But how can this be achieved in practice? Here are some tips:

  • Jump in the air as you perform your reps, for example, whilst doing a bicep curl, jump as high as you can, then quickly curl the weight up before landing.
  • Perform the negative part of the rep on the ground, and the contraction in mid air.
  • Remember to breathe
  • Use a lighter weight than normal, as going none-legged will challenge you much more
  • If you already have no legs, you already have an advantage

As we know, moving from a solid floor to a swiss ball provides a less stable surface, which means you need to activate your core muscles more to cope with the instability. Air is much less stable than a swiss ball, so by doing exercises in mid air not only are you working your muscles harder, your core has to cope with the less stable surface as well…bonus! So…

If you’re not making enough gains, just use less legs


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