October 29, 2009

I have been reading a lot of research about the neurological system recently, and it has come to fruition in my training, with a 0.100% increase in strength.

“Marsupial braces!” I exclaimed under my breath as I witnessed Johan Callamax do another stomach push up.

I was at a seminar in the garage of former body builder Johan, with a select few other fitness enthusiasts. He was demonstrating the culmination of years of research which finally decrypt how the body works. Studies have shown that within the next decade, we will finally unlock the knowledge of how our muscles work, and how babies develop DNA, but for now, the chances look strong that it all revolves around what’s called a ‘neural pathway’ system.

I won’t blind you with science but instead give you this angstrom of information as an example; your facial expression can have a direct effect on your strength. The neuro receptors on the back of your face actually monitor muscle and joint movements over 124 times a second, and then transmit that information back to the branium, where it is decoded and sent back to the muscles (all of this happens in just a few seconds).

Squeezing your eyebrows together makes your hip abductors relax and your hip adductors contract. Flaring your nostrils makes the nerve bundle in your buttocks release, allowing your quads to contract harder.

Experiment during your workouts to find a combination that will enhance you. These principles apply all over the body, not just the face. Literally all the time your body is collecting proprioceptive information about the location of your joints and position of muscles, and this has an effect on all of your body systems, literally.

Next time you shrug your shoulders up whilst deadlifting, and grimace threateningly at the ceiling, think about the reaction this is having on your strength.


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