You’ve got to hate it.

October 27, 2009

 Sometimes I catch myself doing something I enjoy, and I beat myself severely.

 Most readers will know this, but I’m going to say it anyway: you ONLY get benefit from doing things you HATE.

 A quick example: Once, I was forced to do sprints as FAST as I could, and I nearly THREW UP, but the next day my bench press was 20% MORE than it used to be several months earlier!!!

 Doing things you like can release endolphins, which can be good for you and the environment, however, they also RELAX you, and when your body is soft and relaxed, it can NEVER achieve peak performance (shotokan karate demonstrated this many millenia ago). In order to get very tense and hard, you have to be very intolerant of the activity you are doing. The more you dislike your pastimes, the more your branium will be challenged as it has to constantly overcome boredom and learn to self-stimulate.

 If you kind of enjoy what you do, you have to try 300% HARDER to dislike it.

 You are probably thinking “I don’t not dislike working out” but that’s not good enough, the very fact that you are refraining from disliking it means you don’t not like it. Don’t hold back. Just let out the rage and force yourself to do things you hate. It’s hard, but you gotta do hard to be hard. You might need some help and encouragement in doing things you really don’t want to do, but its better to have a workout partner who you HATE, for the same reasons as above.


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