You snooze, you lose…

October 6, 2009


It has been known for some time that sleep and death are closely related…actually death is just a very very very long sleep, and when you are asleep you are technically dead (its only the suns rays and your internal body clock that revive you every morning.)

It’s time that someone stood out against conventional wisdom and fought against sleep. Just because every magazine and TV programme claims sleep is beneficial for you, doesn’t mean that’s true. It’s important to stand back and question these ‘facts’ which most people follow unquestioningly.

Time for a wake up call: sleep is bad.

  • Every minute spent sleeping is a minute not spent awake, and when you’re not awake you can’t do cool things like stroke dogs or sculpt your guns. Ergo, sleep stops you doing cool things.
  • Every minute you sleep is a minute you are at rest, and as I have shown, rest is THE WORST thing for you as it makes you weak. Ergo sleep = weakness.
  • Every minute you are asleep is a minute you are not eating, and as you know, you should be eating LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. Sleep = starvation (why do you think it’s called ‘break-fast’?)

Sleep also stimulates the sleep gland which lies behind the eyes, it is the gland which is referred to as the ‘3rd eye’ by ancient Indian yogis. The sleep gland pulsates during sleep and can cause headaches and toxin excretion which comes out of your ears nose and throat, which is why you wake up in the morning with stuff in your eyes and bad breath. The sleep gland also causes hangovers. You can drink as much alcohol as want, as long as you don’t sleep, and you won’t get a hangover.

Eventually sleep builds up and causes death. Although that process takes around 70 years, if you never slept you could live to be thousands of years old (nobody has ever tried this so there is no evidence yet). There is no clinical need for sleep, only a psychological need.

The next time you feel yourself dozing off, punch yourself in the face and be ashamed of yourself for giving in to the urge to sleep, if you don’t dedicate yourself to hardships and training you will never get anywhere in life.  Kick your sleep habit. Right in the face.

If you are finding it really hard to not sleep, don’t be hard on yourself, every minute less you can sleep is better for you. You will still get the results you want without having to dedicate yourself 200%.


2 Responses to “You snooze, you lose…”

  1. joffoutlaw said

    i think thi sis the best thing I have ever read.

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