De-centralise your brainium

September 16, 2009

Following the successes of decentralised governments and decentralised computing, I thought about how the paradigm of decentralisation could be applied to workouts. For those who are unfamiliar with the principle, de-centralisation advocates taking control away from one large singular point and spreading it out across many points. What does this mean in practice?

Studies have shown that  ‘body’ is controlled by a ‘central nervous system’; notice the word ‘central’ – this is bad. It’s bad because it is all in 1 place (the brainium), and it’s bad because it makes you nervous. By having a centralised control system your body has no backup plan – if that system fails you are screwed. Additionally, it can suffer from performance bottlenecks where multiple processes cannot be processed as effectively as they could be if each one were handled independently. You want to try to shut down your CNS and totally deactivate it. Totally ignore it, and redevelop your own new system for body control…a decentralised system.

So how do you de-centralise your nervous system? If I had to give you a one-word answer, I’d say it was pretty difficult. You have to train yourself to NOT use you habitual neural pathways. Whenever you execute a physical movement, try to identify where the instruction which caused that movement is coming from, and redirect it. You want to try to get your limbs to move on their own instead of being controlled by your brainium. The trick is to consciously stop your brainium from producing thoughts…without thinking about it. If you think about not thinking, you have fallen into a common trap in that you are actually thinking more than you think.

Eventually, with practice, you will be able to develop a series of ‘micro brains’ within your limbs themselves (ever seen someone who can pat their head whilst rubbing their stomach, or play a didgeridoo? That’s because they have grown additional micro brains).

Once you have grown micro brains in your limbs you will be able to workout MUCH more effectively, for instance bench pressing with 1 arm, curling with 1, and dipping with the other. I haven’t been able to grow any other micro brains myself yet, but I have experimented with performing 2 exercises at once, during my routine whilst doing cramping ply hops, shafting steam curls, philtering bow legs, unilateral reverse pyramid constant load multi-jack hammer throw downs, and other common exercises.

Try it….but don’t think about it.


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