The most incredible workout secret you have ever heard, guaranteed*

August 19, 2009

Today, I did pullups on a weight assisted pullup machine – the kind where you stand on a platform which can help to lift you up.

After a few sets with no assistance I got tired, and set the weight to 5kg to give me a tiny amount of assistance in lifting me up.

Now, I’m going to explain what happened next very carefully.

I am about to describe a phenomenon which will improve your workouts by 300%*.

Here is what happened:

I tried to pull myself up with all my might…and I COULDN’T!!

I wondered what was occurring. I looked up towards the ceiling, crossed my legs behind me, inhaled, and heaved up.

Still NOTHING!!!

I am going to tell you what happened next.

I wondered why I COULDN’T do 1 REP, even though a few minutes earlier I did SEVERAL REPS!!!!

I got angry with myself and thought I had to work HARDER!!!!!


All of a sudden, I FLEW UPWARDS!!!!!! And went on to complete over FIVE AND A HALF REPS, EASILY!!!!!!!

After I dismounted, I analysed the events of the preceding minute and discovered what had happened – I had discovered the theory of RESTRICTIVE THOUGHT.

The simple effect of the platform lightly touching my feet caused me to feel that I wasn’t being given much upward lift (true), and that made me enter into a NEGATIVE STATE OF MIND. Basically I got so anti-pumped that I PERSUADED MYSELF that I couldn’t complete a rep!!!!!!!!

As soon as I ignored the platform resting lightly on my feet, I ACTIVELY DECIDED to lift myself up, and I DID!!!!!!!!! Of course I left the platform trailing behind, but I just had to understand that I did not need that to assist me, that I could let it go.

Whatever constraints are in your situation, they are only in your mind. As soon as you give up all thought and acknowledge none of these outside constraints and focus only on the specific activity you have set out to do, you can achieve literally ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!*

*not guaranteed


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