Land on your own moon

August 11, 2009

No matter what ANYONE tells you, DON’T listen.

As we travel through life, many people will attempt to give you advice. They will draw that advice from their own sphere of knowledge, however, this will NEVER align to your own experiences and values. So, you should NEVER heed this advice. No matter WHAT advice anyone tries to give you, you should ALWAYS completely ignore it. Everything you hear and read should be totally dismissed. All external information is irrelevant, out of date and biased.

What I am trying to tell you is that if your friend says he knows how to gain 50 pounds of muscle in a week, and even if he proves that he actually can do this, do NOT pay even the slightest attention to this. Gaining 50 pounds of may be his target – his ‘moon’, and he may be capable of ‘landing’ on that ‘moon’, but you are ‘not’ because he is him and you are ‘you’.

At times you will question whether you are doing the right thing – whether decisions you have made are correct. The very fact that you are questioning shows that you ARE doing the right thing. And if you’re not questioning whether you’re doing the right thing, that’s even BETTER as you are so confident that you don’t CARE if you’re doing the right thing. And if you had never even thought about questioning what you were doing until you read this post about questioning what you are doing, then THAT is the highest level of achievement as it shows you do not require external SPHERES of influence as you operate solely on your own plane of existence.

You only need to read, absorb and follow this advice, to improve your outlook on life.


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