Occams razor

July 29, 2009

The other day I was in a bookshop in my lunch break just reading, and I overheard a couple talking bout occams razor and how it makes everything seem simple. This makes perfect sense, using a razor is not unknown in sports – swimmers have removed all of their body hair for years, to leverage the anti-gravity effect this has on them in the water.

So razors are compatible with sports. And obviously, simplicity is a desirable factor as an extreme lack of simplicity can sometimes lead to complexity.

So I went to my local chemist to get an Occams razor, I couldn’t find any there or in the supermarket so I just got the next best brand. I shaved my entire body to make it devoid of hair, or ‘simple’. I have to say this really works! Just knowing that your form is more simple puts you in a zen like frame of mind, and this new, simple, you will then be able to achieve your goals without the limiting factor of hair confounding your thoughts.


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