Dangerous Air

July 24, 2009

Air is the most lethal thing on the planet.

Some of you may be surprised by that statement as it goes against conventional wisdom. Of course, air gives us life, but it is also the single most damaging compound to our bodies. Slowly, year by year, the effect of oxygen ravages our bodies. Chemical reactions mean that oxygen acts as a carcinogen, as well as oxygenating our bodies. You can see this effect by opening a bottle of wine; 10 minutes after opening the wine tastes nice. After a few days or weeks, it has turned to rancid acid simply through contact with air. The same applies to humans.

Exactly how this happens is just one of the mysteries of life, like chromosomes, DNA and babies. Modern scientific studies are starting to get close, but only scratching the surface. For example, a very recent study has shown that restricting the amount of calories you eat can have massive health benefits. If you give a monkey 30% less calories than it wants, it has increased health, energy and life expectancy, with less chance of disease. I believe the same is true for oxygen restriction.

Breathing less is an easy way to increase your health, although it requires concentration and training.

WARNING: if whilst practising these techniques, you start to die, stop immediately and see a doctor.

When working out, try breathing half as often as you want to e.g. when sprinting hold each breath for 4 seconds. This will increase your lung capacity and fitness and reduce your risk of injury and disease. In every day life, practise holding your breath, not until uncomfortable, but just slightly longer than usual.

Breathe, slower, deeper, shallower, less often.  Breathe into your chest, not your stomach, breathe through only 1 nostril to economise consumption. When walking, aim to get 30 steps to the breath. Breathe… SOFTER.

Oxygen can be quite good for us in the short term, but in the long term, just say no.


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