Injuries are a doctors best friend

July 14, 2009

A freaky ripped doctor that is!

When in the gym, the ONLY thing we care about, is getting huge. Studies have shown that the huger a bodybuilder gets, the harder it makes them workout, but the actual cause of getting huge is unknown – probably down to individual genetics.

Sometimes, a freak event occurs, whereby, for some unknown reason, an ‘injury’ occurs. By ‘injury’, I mean anything that ‘hurts’. Studies have shown that damaging muscle actually makes it grow back stronger. If you damage a muscle by 10% it will grow back 10% or 14% stronger! Clearly, then we need to create as much damage as possible, although the maximum damage is limited to 100% (presumably where the muscle is ripped off the bone).

Obviously, you don’t want to cause a very high amount of damage too often, as you will be damaging the already damaged muscle, and the body is unable to ‘multitask’ which means it CANNOT do more than 1 thing at once (because the brain only has 1 cerebral cortex), including fixing 2 sets of damages at the same time .

What I have deduced though, is that all of these events can be logically connected together – if you damage yourself, your body heals stronger and you get huger, and when you get huger that makes you work harder, which causes more damage! This secret and well known fact is not widely publicized for the single reason of keeping the medical industry well funded. Contrary to popular belief, when you have an ‘injury’ you should not rest, but use the opportunity to train even harder. I have simulated the results below:


As you can see, the injury will heal gradually over time, but there is a point where, if you train hard enough, you can actually simulate going back in time AND getting stronger, i.e. ‘supercompensation’. This is just my theory at the moment and not based on research.

Of course, everything should not revolve simply around getting huge, as there are many other factors which come into play such as fitness, flexibility, dexterity, passion and flair.


3 Responses to “Injuries are a doctors best friend”

  1. Chad Dukes said

    Or to at least be able to be hit by heavier dumbbells!

  2. xtremefit said

    A mallet is a very good idea in theory. Studies have shown that mallets CAN cause damage to a human or mammal body.

    however, we want to cause damage in a training-specific way. So using a mallet is a very bad idea as it is not similar to training.

    What might be more effective is using iron dumbells to hit yourself with, as you are 90% water, and due to the ‘memory of water’, your body will ‘remember’ the impact of the dumbell and adapt to lift heavier dumbells next time it recovers.

  3. Chad Dukes said

    Hmm…Interesting theory. Have you considered using something like….I don’t know….a hammer? Perhaps a mallet to start?

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