Savage training

July 10, 2009

Training like an animal for gene expression is a school of thought from anthropologists who subscribe to the notion that we should imitate our ancestors as closely as possible to express the true, original purpose of our physicality.

This is logical, since human genes haven’t evolved much over the last few thousand years, yet our environment has. Essentially, we are ancient beings in a modern world. Getting closer to what our ancestors did is a way of ensuring that we are fitting our exercise pattern to our genetic makeup, rather than vice versa.

In practice, this means ditching workout technology and regressing into an animalistic state. I discovered that there is a deep psychological barrier to achieving this technique. At first you may feel, ‘out of place’, unnatural, embarrassed, or even ashamed. It takes practice and peace of mind to be able to truly regress, but once you have mastered it your body will be more effective than ever before because you will be mimicking actions it evolved to cope with over thousands of years. I have documented several stages that you might hope to progress through:

  • Wimpy 1×1 – Basically the natural state of modern man, you feel normal.
  • Hard core 4×4 – You have increased your training intensity. You perform compound exercises with heavy weights instead of isolated exercises.
  • Wild boar 8×8 – You have regressed into an animal state. You eat raw meat. You use primal screaming therapy to roar and shriek. You sprint on all fours. You grow extra chest hair. You will become more scared of lions. You lift rocks and kill pigeons.
  • Sunscore 16×16 – The highest achievement possible. I suspect it is possible to go above wild boar 8×8 as there is always another level, HOWEVER much you achieve you can ALWAYS continue to push yourself that little bit more, to learn and progress.

These states are merely psycho-physical transient descriptions, in practice you need to think more like an animal, act more like an animal. Shun modern lifestyle and technology. Don’t speak to other humans. Take cold showers. Poop outdoors. Only lift weights made ‘of the earth’ (rock, iron etc). Dig up roots and shrubs and eat them raw. Remember, ‘Nothing of the Earth can hurt you’, and ‘Think wild boar to become wild boar’


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