Myo-faceial release

July 10, 2009

I have read about a new technique called myo-faceial release. ‘Myo’ originating from the Greek root word meaning muscle, and ‘faceial’ meaning ‘pertaining of or to the face’.

Essentially, it involves pressing your muscles hard against a semi-yielding surface such as dense foam, or a tennis ball. I bought a foam roller to try out this technique, I like the idea of it, but I have to say afterwards, my face was a bit sore.

I did used to get a tense, aching sensation in my jaw muscle a lot, so I worked that area most of all. The idea is to put as much pressure on the muscle as possible, so laying on the roller on the floor is ideal. This technique is painful, but its kind of ‘good pain’. Balancing on my face was quite difficult, but that simply provides more opportunity to work the core muscles. I worked my cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead, and sides of neck.

In summary, foam rolling your face can be good if you have particularly tight muscles there, but the idea of buying a £15 foam roller just for your face isn’t appealing. Additionally, it can leave a sore feeling and unsightly bruising.


One Response to “Myo-faceial release”

  1. Chad Dukes said

    AHH! HA! HA! Thats hilarious!

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