Vocational Inspiration

July 8, 2009

What do footballers, martial artists, golfers and darts players have in common? They workout according to their needs. They incorporate specific exercises that will help them with their sport and essentially their day to day life. Only by replicating daily occurrences in life into the gym, will you truly feel like a “natural athlete”.

For example – If you take the tube/train to work, replicate the swaying motions by standing on a swiss ball and if you normally hold on to something, then hang a towel from the smith machine and grab it for support. This will work your core muscles and mimic that gruelling journey to Moorgate.

If you are desk-bound most of your working day, tapping away at the keyboard – then develop a workout to suit you. Tie weighted strings to each one of your fingers. Then, try sitting on the edge of a bench and with your arms extended parallel to the floor, palms facing down and wiggle your fingers furiously. You may even want to listen to office sounds whilst working out or even ask a friend to randomly call you on your phone during the workout to imitate vocational stress levels.

Whatever your profession – improve your daily life by emulating your life in the gym – remember the mantra “I train for the train, workout is my work”.


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