You don’t get the results if you don’t make the noise

July 6, 2009

When working out near very experienced bodybuilders, you may have acknowledged their powerful use of acoustic energy to assist their extreme lifting. Shouting, grunting, groaning and weeping are frowned upon in the civilian areas of the gym, but any huge guy will tell you that screaming is the key to effectiveness.

Studies have shown that making ‘noise’ during a lift increases the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of a lift, increases intra-abdominal pressure, and psychologically motivates the subject. But how and when should you grunt? Essentially, weight lifting follows a parabolic curve of kinetic and potential energy, so you need to start making the noise at the apex of that curve to get best results. Too soon, and your cavity pressure drops, leaving you weak and unsupported. Too late, and you will have missed the opportunity, leaving your depleted fast twitch fibres in a state of anphalactiosis.

So, we know that we should make a noise in the middle of the ROM during a lift…but does it matter what type of noise you make? In fact, it does. Studies have shown that low frequency noises are less effective as they impede the uvulal vortex and reduce oxygen penetration to the aioli in the lungs. This can rapidly lead to a decrease in muscle power of up to 1.3%. Making a slightly higher pitched noise will mitigate this problem.

I also like to combine the noise making technique with NLP or ‘neuro linguistic programming’. Studies have shown that whatever you say actually comes true if repeated enough and with enough conviction. I usually scream adjectives that I want to become when lifting, such as ‘huge’ or ‘mungo’ on every rep, safe in the knowledge that one day I will indeed become mungo. Ironically, ‘huge’ and ‘mungo’ are subjective terms which allows the NLP process to keep going on, as you yourself can define when you are massive enough, which is usually never; this allows you to keep on growing.

Mostly, the noises you hear in the gym are excessive, plates crashing together for instance can be distracting and dangerous and is a noise we NEVER want to hear. But vocal noises are the most effective tool at increasing performance in one quick and easy step, and best of all, it won’t cost you a penny!


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