Killer Carbs

June 30, 2009

For the past 2 months I’ve been on a low carb diet and although sceptical at first, I like the effect. I lost some weight (mostly fat), but have more energy, less lactic acid during workouts, and hopefully more muscle growth, although that is a work in progress.

What this diet did lead me to discover though, is that carbohydrates can literally kill you. A recent news article described a 56 stone man in Texas who died recently, and his diet was almost 86% carbohydrate.

If that’s not proof enough, let me give you some anecdotes:

  • 1 month into my low carb diet, I had to eat some pastries and a bread roll as I was travelling and there were no other alternatives. The next day I was violently ill. Admittedly, I had eaten other things on that day as well like prawns, which could have contributed to the illness, but all the evidence points to the bread. Science has shown that the gluten in bread binds to lipids in the duodenum whilst simultaneously encouraging further lipid production in the liver, which can cause severe bowel problems.
  • Just last week, I ate a roast potato and that evening I had severe stomach cramps AND sunburn. Now I’m no nut, and I’m not saying that exposure to the sun wasn’t partly to blame, but I haven’t had sunburn in MONTHS and then I get it on the same day as eating a potato…coincidence? In actual fact, it has been proven that ‘white’ foods including potato, rice, pasta and flour contain a compound which can actually be absorbed into your system, causing effects on your skin, the largest organ in the body.
  • More and more I have heard people close to me complain of very low energy levels. Other friends have recently experienced rashes, gluteus pain, bruises and sickness, and they all eat a lot of carbs. I don’t eat carbs and I haven’t had ANY of these symptoms.

You may ask that if carbs are so bad, how come so many people eat them every day and are fine? Well firstly, the carb effect is cumulative, so 10 or 20 years down the line, people will be in a bad state. Secondly, different people have different resistance to carbs. Thirdly, ‘common’ medical ‘conditions’ have become gradually thought of as ‘normal’ through the pervasive actions of the ‘mass media marketing machine’.

Is it really normal to get a ‘cold’ 6 times a year? I’ll let you ‘decide’.


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