Food for the body

June 30, 2009

Music may be food for the soul, but nutrition is food for the body. Nutrition is almost twice as important as workouts in achieving results. Of course results are what we are ALWAYS after.

The main problem surrounding nutrition is the lack of “whole foods” in modern diets. Primal diets consisted of meat, dairy, fish, milk, nuts, rabbits and trout. Svelte and bulky as they were, cavemen had an abundance of macronutrients. There are three primary macronutrients defined as being the classes of chemical compounds (fat, protein and carbohydrates) which humans consume in the largest quantities and which provide bulk energy; but what is more important than WHAT they ate – was HOW they ate.

Sometimes – a large bolus of food consumed “whole” can raise your metabolism by causing nutrient-induced gastric kinesis whilst also fuelling muscles. Remember, macro means large, so bigger bites means bigger muscles. Also try swallowing small nuts and berries ‘whole’ as chewing them can break the protein chains.

Often – quantity is better than quality. By eating foods abundant in number, you can fool your brain into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have. For example, eating rice will make your brain think it has eaten 1500 ‘items’ of food – the sheer number will alter your mindset into getting fast results.

Taking notes of your daily nutritional habits will help you spot gaps in your diet and enable you to see where you can improve, but remember – it’s not always about the results.


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