6 minute workout

June 26, 2009

The 6 minute workout

Sometimes you get stronger by not training

If you allow your body to fully recover it can not only heal itself back to prior levels, but supercompensate, giving greater gains in size and strength and higher levels of fitness and conditioning.

This is why I advocate the 6 minute workout. Once every other week.

If you think about it, 6 minutes is actually a long time, 360 seconds, or 360,000 milliseconds. By picking just 1 exercise and performing just that in 6 minutes, you will achieve several things:

  • Ramped up hormone levels. Your body is sitting around for almost 2 weeks (or 1 209 600 000 milliseconds), then POW you smack it right in the face with a hyper-intense workout! The adrenal shock alone can cause muscle growth spurts.
  • Psychological profiling. Your mind is relaxing, focussing on social and pleasant things, then you come along and BAM smack it in the face with a highly stimulating routine. Don’t worry though, just 6 minutes later at the peak of the supercomp trough, you let it continue on its easy ride
  • Less prone to injury. The less you train, the less likely you are to be injured
  • Increased energy. The less energy you exert in workouts, the more you will have for general life
  • Increased time to spend on other activities. Only 6 minutes a fortnight working out leaves you masses of free time.

The changes in tempo surprise your body so it never knows what’s coming and has to stay permanently prepared. If you’ve ever heard a PT advise people to take a rest day, you’re already party to some very special knowledge. What you may not have known is the PT himself is probably taking 10 rest days. THAT’S 10 TIMES THE ACTIVE HEALING POWER!

Example routine:

1st January – 6 minutes of bench press

14th January – 6 minutes of pullups

21st January – 6 minutes of squats

28th January – 6 minutes of crunches

During the 6 minute workout, do as many sets of 5 as possible, with 1 minute rest between sets.

The only other thing better than this workout is the 5 minute workout, and if you can figure out how to do that you’re in line for the McArthur prize. Obviously, 4 minutes or less would be ridiculous – you need some stimulation otherwise you won’t make any progression.


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