You want this?

June 24, 2009

You can do absolutely anything if you are pushed hard enough. In the summer of 2000, I was training in the woods near my home with a friend, and we used to really take our workouts to the limits. We did a lot of iron palm training on phone directories, and then moved on to beating each other like a drum with sticks. On one such occasion, I got so enraged that I screamed “You want this?!” and my forearm instantly increased in density.

It was then that I discovered the power of having someone to push you. And by push you I mean really frak you up.

All you need to implement this technique is 1 or more training partners as it has been proven that no matter how dedicated you are, you will never be able to exert as much effort as if you have to fulfil the expectations of somebody else. This technique will really work for you.

In order to make this technique work, you have to define three things:

A motivation – if you don’t know why you are training you will never reach your goal

A consistent work out time – without consistency you have no platform to progress

A diary of some form – paper, blog, photo, video – some way to track progress. It’s vital to acknowledge where you came from and that you have made great gains, and also that you can still progress much further.

Pick your exercise, it’s not important. You need your training partner to be 100% focussed, that means no chit chat. Get them to check your diary and objectively asses your performance. Are you doing as well as you should/could be? If not they need to lay it down straight. And by that I mean go nuts on you. The harsher they treat you, the more you’ll progress. Ideally they should racially insult you and physically beat you, although mild psychological admonishing can work well. Think about what they want, really hard. Eventually you will reach the point where you can scream “You want this?!” whilst performing an extreme act of dedication, like forcing yourself into the splits, or doing clap pullups.

I’m not saying this technique will work for you, but if you’re open to trying it, it can push you over that plateau.


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