Just train harder

June 23, 2009

Just train harder

Ever felt like you can’t get out that extra rep? Just push harder. This principle stems from 16th Century German barrel crushers, who trained for a staggering 18 hours per day.

Neurological signals can take several seconds before they are received by muscle fibres, so you need to think ‘harder’ for at least 7 seconds before you give up.

This principle applies across the board, and if you think you are already applying it, you are wrong:

  • Sprinting – When you feel like you can’t sprint any longer, just sprint HARDER
  • Nutrition – if you haven’t met your weight gain goal, don’t eat more, eat HARDER
  • Recovery – if you have delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) , or still feel fatigued several days after a workout, relax HARDER

Step by step guide on how to achieve things harder

  1. Define your goal ; lift more reps, more weight, de stress etc
  2. Break down the goal into single steps
  3. Think about each individual step and concentrate on it extremely hard. Fill your whole body with the thought and force of the step for at least 7 seconds.

In summary, don’t do more, do HARDER.


One Response to “Just train harder”

  1. […] mild psychological admonishing can work well. Think about what they want, really hard (see post on training harder). Eventually you will reach the point where you can scream “You want this?!” whilst performing […]

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